Speculative.Work: A Science Fiction Author Diary

SW 025 - Getting Your head Back in the Game

May 4, 2020

Jumping between series is hard! I feel like a toddler being forced to eat broccoli.

In order to get the engine running again, I have to find ways to keep pulling the cord, hoping it's going to start.

I discuss some strategies I've been using to get my head back into a series after a long break. 

Journaling might be getting in the way of my fiction.

RPG for Authors: 4theWords.com (Apparently if you use this referral code, I get magic crystals or something: WESBB70639)


Secret Powers of the Author Mastermind by J. Thorn

Secret Powers of the Author Mastermind: How to Transform from Struggling Writer to Career Author (The Career Author) by [J. Thorn]


Cover Your Book by R. Haskell

Cover Your Book: An Author's Guide to Working with a Designer to Maximize your Sales by [R. Haskell]


Goliath by Matt Stollar


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